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DNA Test for Canada Immigration

Migrating to Canada can be a complex process, with various requirements and criteria to meet. Among the essential aspects of the immigration process, DNA testing has become a significant factor, especially for family reunification and sponsorship applications. Let’s delve into why DNA testing has gained importance in Canada’s immigration system. Moreover, we take pride in offering accredited DNA Tests for Canada Immigration, backed by years of successful service.

Why DNA Testing?

There are several reasons why DNA testing may be required during the immigration process:

What is the Process You Need to Follow?

To undergo immigration DNA testing for Canada, the initial step involves sample collection. When providing samples, bring two recent passport-sized color photographs and a government-issued photo ID proof (original and a photocopy).

During the collection procedure, we use high-quality sterile cotton swabs, commonly referred to as cheek or mouth swabs, to gather your DNA sample from the inside of your mouth. The collected sample is then assigned a unique case number, which is communicated to your sponsor – the counterpart residing in a foreign country, in this instance, Canada.

Once your sample is collected, the other party abroad coordinates with us to have their DNA sample collected. Once their sample is collected, they will send it to our testing facility, where our experts analyze and compare the DNA samples to establish a biological relationship.

Why Opt for DDC Laboratories India for Immigration DNA Testing Services?

When it comes to obtaining an SCC-accredited immigration DNA test for Canada, DDC Laboratories India stands out as the premier choice. Our laboratory offers accurate and reliable DNA tests for Canada Immigration, ensuring prompt delivery of reports within 8-10 working days. We strictly adhere to all the required guidelines for immigration to Canada, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process for our clients.

Here, we have fostered strong partnerships with immigration agencies and embassies worldwide, expanding our reach to international clients. Our well-organized system facilitates the collection of DNA samples from various countries, ensuring that our services extend beyond Canada. You can also get immigration DNA Tests for Italy, Germany, and other foreign countries.

In addition to SCC accreditation, we also offer AABB-accredited Immigration DNA Tests for the USA through our trusted partner, DNA Diagnostics Center. For immigration to the UK, we provide MOJ-accredited DNA tests, guaranteeing the highest standards of accuracy.

For individuals seeking to undergo a DNA test for Canada Immigration or any other immigration-related DNA testing, we encourage you to contact us at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp at +91 9213177771.

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