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Maternity DNA Test

A mother is a very special and important woman in anyone’s life. She is the first woman who symbolizes unconditional love for others. Similarly a maternity DNA test is, in which the genetic material (DNA) of an alleged mother and child is analyzed to determine a biological relationship between both.

Nowadays, many adopted children grow up needing to find their biological or “birth parents” and a DNA maternity test may be the last step in locating an absent mother. At DDC Laboratories India, we offer a simple and easy-to-use procedure for collecting samples from home with providing peace of mind to anyone.

Our testing laboratory is affiliated to DDC Inc. USA, the world leaders in DNA Testing, accredited from Ministry of Justice, NATA, CLIA and certified by AABB. We value the quality and provide results with guaranteed to be 100% for exclusions and 99.9999% for inclusions to everyone of our clients. All tests are processed twice to ensure 100% accuracy.

During a DNA Maternity Test, a simple cheek swabs (no blood or spit required) is collected from the child and the alleged mother and it takes only few minutes to attain. For DNA analysis, we send the sample to our DNA lab and within 4-5 working days, we provide the results via courier and e-mail.

Reasons for Maternity DNA Tests

Our experts are ideal, if you have any questions about your DNA test results they will understand and interpret all aspects of your results and will answer all your questions. For further queries please contact us at: +91 8010177771, WhatsApp at +91 9213177771.

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