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Siblingship DNA Test

Sibling-ship DNA tests has gained popularity in recent years to determine the statistical probability whether two or more individuals are biologically related or not. If a genetic match is established, the results will identify them as either full siblings, half siblings or unrelated. However in case, if the alleged parents are unavailable or are not willing to provide their DNA sample, a Sibling-ship Test is a another option to analyze the relationship between two individuals.

DDC Laboratories India guides you through the entire process ­ right from sample collection till the submission of conclusive result and undertakes the DNA analysis of two alleged siblings independently.

The X Chromosome Test is performed when two or more potential female siblings are processed for matches and Y Chromosome Test establishes a shared father between two or more male individuals.

There are two types of Sibling-ship tests available: Immigration and Peace of mind. Our fully AABB accredited laboratory follows the same rigorous high quality standards when processing legal or peace of mind cases, the only difference is in the documentation and court procedures at the time of sample collection.

Sibling-ship DNA Test is also conducted for immigration application, in which samples are collected by an authorized professional by maintaining chain-of-custody.

Peace of mind testing is just as accurate as our legal testing but is performed in the comfort of your own home. Customer receive DNA sample collection kit via courier which includes easy to follow instructions, collection envelopes, mouth swabs and a return, pre-addressed envelope.

DDC Laboratories India follows a simple and easy process for sample collection which includes cheek swabs or self-buccal swabbing. Once samples are received by our laboratory, results will be ready within 3to 5 business days and send it via courier and mail.

We believe that today’s technology and cost-effective prices can simply answer any kind of question related to biological relationship. Get in touch with us for any queries related to your test results or guidance you may need before taking part in this test. You can also book an appointment, or call our executives for any query at +91 7042446667, 9266615552. We will be happy to answer your informational queries.

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