I want to thanks the entire DDC Laboratories India organization for the outstanding ancestry DNA testing service you provided to me. You made the task of identifying my ancestry almost surmountable, with a large number of possibilities. Thank you so much guys to break the brick wall between me and my ancestors history and helping me to connect with my extended family. I highly recommend your services to all family historians as an integral and invaluable part of the research process.

Nikhumbh Bhatia
Business Manager

I would recommend your DNA testing services to worldwide as they were 100% accurate, professional and discrete and results were quicker than expected. Your staff was really helpful and cooperative.

Baljeet Tayagi
Business Man

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Pragya Shukla
House Wife

I was really impressed by the service and guidance throughout the whole DNA testing process. I and my husband never had paternity DNA test before. We have been quiet nervous and insecure. The help and support given by your team members was outstanding. I am happy that we decided to go with you and choose your organization for DNA testing services. You made the process as smooth as possible. Good Value for money and efficient service.

Arambh Singhaniya
Marketing Executive

Really pleased and was surprised that we can take the DNA samples yourself at home. Thank you for the DNA testing, your service has been very helpful in re-uniting our family. Absolutely a 5 star company in every way, fast, reliable, discreet and always kept me updated throughout the process.

Vinod Kumar
Database Analyst

Thank you for the immigration DNA testing, your service has been very helpful in re-uniting our family. I would like to thank you for all the hard work, proper guidance and assistance while conducting DNA test in the right format, answering my queries.

Kamalpreet Kaur
Business Women