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Maternal Relative mtDNA Comparison Test

mtDNA stands for mitochondrial DNA and is also known as a maternal lineage test. It determines whether two or more individuals are biological related through their maternal line or not and is widely used in situations where there has been an adoption and the mother is missing or unable to participate the test.

We trace a person’s maternal ancestry far back in time and are useful for men or women who wish to confirm their maternal ancestry. This test is used often for genealogy and medical researchers to confirm the presence of genetic vulnerability to certain diseases.

DDC Laboratories India compare the subject’s mtDNA patterns to establish if portions of the DNA belong to a particular (same) maternal line. Our testing process is simple— samples are taken using a painless buccal (cheek) swab and generally the test results are available within 30 days. In case of peace of mind test, we send you a testing kit to collect your DNA samples at home and in case of your immigration application, we use Chain of Custody collection process where your samples are collected by our trained representative.

In case you are wondering if mtDNA test could be of use to you, feel free to call us today at: +91 8010177771, +91 9213177771 and one of our customer representatives will take care of the rest.

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Maternal Relative mtDNA Comparison Test