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Prenatal Paternity Test

Prenatal paternity DNA testing is a sensitive subject because of the ethical and moral issues involved. This test helps in confirming whether a man is the biological father of a baby before birth. The tests tend to be categorized as ‘invasive’ and ‘non-invasive’.

A baby inherits DNA from both their parents. There are many types of paternity tests that can be performed to establish paternity, such as postnatal testing done after the birth of the child and prenatal testing done during pregnancy. You can choose from the following options for prenatal testing or paternity DNA testing:

DDC Laboratories India conduct tests using the latest DNA mapping technology combined with SNP Technology. This non-invasive Pre-natal DNA testing is absolutely risk-free for both mother and child. A sample of their DNA, usually cheek cells extracted from the inside of the mouth, is taken from the man and the pregnant woman and analyzed. If the result of the paternity test fulfills a legal obligation, it is carried out under strict conditions required by the court. We provide your results in 10 business days with an accuracy of 99.9%.

Pregnancy is an emotional experience and DDC Laboratories India offers an affordable prenatal test with a payment method options. Please call our executives at: +91 7042446667, 9266615552 for a personalized and confidential consultation.

Prenatal Paternity DNA Test in India - DDC Laboratories India