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Relationship Reconstruction DNA Test

The relational and genetic reconstruction DNA test is generally used to establish a blood relationship between maternal / paternal lineage, grandparents and siblings. It is most often used when the mother or father is missing or deceased of a child.

Here, DDC Laboratories India conduct many DNA tests to compare and match the DNA to establish if a child is related to an alleged father’s relations or not.

The test is done with the child, the mother of the child and the alleged grandparents. In general, the mother’s sample is used to eliminate its contribution to the child’s DNA profile. The test can, however, be performed without removing the mother and in some cases, where the missing parent is mother, the samples collected would simply be between the child and the maternal grandparents.

The test includes the testing of one child and one alleged aunt or uncle. Additional relations testing may be added if necessary.

DDC Laboratories India testing laboratory is equipped with high-standard technology and able to provide definitive and conclusive results. We conduct top-quality DNA testing services and are committed to the strictest industry standards in regards to accuracy, sample security and timeliness.

DDC Laboratories India is able to establish relationships and fill the gaps of missing links. If you need a DNA test please contact our executives at +91 8010177771, 9213177771 and book your appointment and get answers of your questions.

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