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Our AABB-Accredited Partner Lab - DNA Diagnostics Center is the world’s most accredited DNA testing laboratory and has achieved many perfect ratings in quality inspections. We are committed to providing convenience, instilling confidence, and ongoing support throughout the DNA testing process whilst ensuring 100% testing record.

Choose a DNA Test

Compare and choose wisely from our large array of DNA tests.

Paternity DNA Test

DNA paternity tests determine the biological father of a child. DDC Laboratories India provides the proof of a blood relationship between families.

Paternity Trio Test

Paternity trio DNA test confirms the biological relationship between the alleged father, the child and the alleged mother.

Maternity DNA Test

Maternity DNA test is in which the genetic material (DNA) of an alleged mother and child is analyzed to determine a biological relationship between both.

Siblingship DNA Test

Sibling-ship DNA tests determines the statistical probability whether two or more individuals are siblings or not.

Grandparentage DNA Test

Grand-parentage DNA test offers an alternative to paternity / maternity testing when the alleged father or mother may not be available.

Paternal Lineage (YSTR) Comparison DNA Test

YSTR is based on the fact that the Y chromosome is passed from father to son and relatively unchanged for several generations as well as...

Maternal Relative MTDNA Comparision Test

MTDNA determines whether two or more individuals are biological related through their maternal line or not and is widely used in situations where...

Relationship Reconstruction DNA Test

The relational and genetic reconstruction DNA test is generally used to establish a blood relationship between maternal / paternal lineage...

Prenatal Paternity Test

Prenatal paternity DNA testing is a sensitive subject because of the ethical and moral issues involved. This test helps in confirming whether...

Immigration DNA Test

DDC Laboratories India tends to provide reasonable immigration DNA testing services, which is effective whenever a biological relationship needs to be proven between a petitioner and a beneficiary.

Ancestry DNA Tests

With Ancestry DNA tests, know more about your roots and find your origins, learn your connection with ancient groups and discover new DNA relatives.

Why Choose Us

Whether the needs are large or small for DNA tests our experts provide highest quality testing services


Our testing lab is NATA, Ministry of Justice accredited and certified by AABB. We perform each DNA test with total confidence and have been the most trusted company in DNA testing industry from many years. We understand how emotionally challenging and traumatizing it can be to take a DNA test.

24 x 7 dedicated support

Excellent Support

Across India presence

Free Report Delivery

Tested twice in parallel

Guaranteed Results

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All India presence


Read the real life experience and stories from our customers!

I want to thanks the entire DDC Laboratories India organization for the outstanding ancestry DNA testing service you provided to me. You made the task of identifying my ancestry almost surmountable, with a large number of possibilities. Thank you so much guys to break the brick wall between me and my ancestors history and helping me to connect with my extended family. I highly recommend your services to all family historians as an integral and invaluable part of the research process.

Nikhumbh Bhatia

Nikhumbh Bhatia

Business Manager

I would recommend your DNA testing services to worldwide as they were 100% accurate, professional and discrete and results were quicker than expected. Your staff was really helpful and cooperative.

Baljeet Tayagi

Baljeet Tayagi

Business Man

I would like to thank DDC Laboratories India team for professional fast DNA testing service you provided to me and I would recommend your lab to anyone needing a fast, reliable, informative, affordable DNA testing services. You have helped me to choose the correct DNA test for myself and I am eternally grateful with it.

Pragya Shukla

Pragya Shukla

House Wife

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The Impact of DNA Testing on Family-Based Immigration in India

The Impact of DNA Testing on Family-Based Immigration in India

In recent years, DNA testing has emerged as a crucial tool in the realm of immigration, offering a scientific method to verify biological relationships. In India, this technology is increasingly being leveraged to support immigration applications, ensuring the authenticity of familial connections claimed by applicants. DNA tests provide a reliable and accurate means to substantiate […]

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