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Grandparentage DNA Test

Grandparentage DNA test is used to determine whether a child is biologically related to grandparent or not and there is no age limit for DNA testing, the test can be performed on infants as well as adult grandchildren.

This test is usually performed to determine whether the test subject’s biological son is the biological father of a child or not, in cases where the prospective father is deceased, incarcerated, unwilling or unable to participate in a paternity test. Sometime grandparent DNA test may also be performed to determine whether individuals are maternal grandparents of a child, for cases in which maternity is in question but in which the alleged mother is unavailable.

There are generally four types of grandparent DNA tests, depending on the situation:

DDC Laboratories India performs grandparent DNA tests mainly for Peace of mind or Immigration purposes. We send the home test kit by courier to the customer who wish to find out the truth about a grandparent(s) and grandchild relationship for maintain family bond. Samples collection method is quick, easy, discreet and done in just minutes.

Grandparent DNA Test is also conducted for immigration application, in which samples are collected by an authorized professional by maintaining chain-of-custody.

Both the Peace of mind and immigration purpose test provides the same conclusive results. The only difference between the two is in immigration application samples are collected by maintaining chain-of-custody.

Our DNA sample collection method is quick and extremely user friendly. The home kit contains instruction manual for collecting samples, sterilized swabs as per applicant, the consent forms to be filled in by every person taking part in the test and returned to the laboratory alongside the samples.

For more information about our grandparent DNA tests and to get your kit online today, give a call to our experts at: +91 8010177771, 9213177771.

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