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DNA Test for China Immigration

DDC Laboratories India is pleased to offer fast, accurate and affordable Immigration DNA Test for China to help people with their immigration application. Our aim is to support people in their immigration cases to the UK, France, Italy, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and many other countries.

We carry out immigration DNA Testing, which allows people to prove whether they are biologically related to a Chinese citizen or not. Family members from other countries are able to come to China if they are dependent on someone who is already a permanent resident.

Our testing laboratory is NATA, Ministry of Justice certificated and our comprehensive network ensure that Immigration DNA Test for China is handled in a professional and efficient manner.

DDC expertise assists individuals who want to be reunited with relatives and enjoy their new lives together. We offer a vast array of accredited DNA Testing in China that can assist fathers, mothers, children, siblings, grandparents and aunts & uncles with DNA immigration testing services.

We have various sample collection centers throughout China in which many received their visa and embassies accepted the applications. If you’re based in another location, please contact our immigration team and they will advise you the best option for you.

Our sample collection method is simple and painless including buccal swab (inside the cheeks saliva samples). Once the samples are collected we send the specimens to our testing lab for DNA Testing and provide the test results within 8-10 business days.

Our sample collection centers are already set up and established, simply call us at: +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp us at +91 9213177771 with your details and we’ll do the rest. We look forward to assist you with your Immigration DNA test for China inquiry. We will provide a free consultation to help you and determine which DNA Testing service is most appropriate for your needs.

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DNA Test for China Immigration