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DNA Test for South Africa Immigration

DDC Laboratories offers affordable immigration DNA testing for South Africa. Immigration tests are often used as proof of the relationship when people want to join their parents in a non-Aboriginal country.

We offer ISO 17025 accredited immigration tests and presented to the South African Immigration Department for verification of citizenship and passports of South Africa.

DNA testing is particularly useful when parents come from countries that do not have a reliable public registry. Birth certificates, marriage certificates and other important means of identifying people are often rare or questionable if they are available. This means that they may be unable to satisfactorily prove their genetic relationship using such documents.

The Department of Home Affairs of the Republic of South Africa, also known as DHA, is the main authority for visas, temporary residences and work permits for those wishing to settle in the country.

Immigration tests cover a range of DNA relationship tests. All family members can take an immigration test to prove the biological relationship between them. If brother lives in India and another brother resides in South Africa and wants to join his brother or sister in South Africa, he can submit the results of an immigration DNA test to the relevant authorities. Aunt / uncle, grandparent, mtDNA, Y chromosome and X chromosome tests are tests that can be used for immigration.

Over the years, we have helped a large number of South African families with affordable and highly accurate DNA testing services for immigration purposes. We look forward to helping you join your family too. Contact us today at: +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp us at +91 9213177771 for Immigration DNA tests for South Africa and our experts will guide and make it as easy as possible for you.

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DNA Test for South Africa Immigration