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DNA Test for Thailand Immigration

DNA Testing is often utilized in family-based immigration cases where an abroad citizen (petitioner) wishes to sponsor a relative for admission into the foreign country (beneficiary). In such cases, the petitioner and the beneficiary may be required to prove their biological relationship through DNA testing.

DDC Laboratories India is the most trusted laboratory for providing DNA test for Thailand Immigration. We assist clients who require verification of a biological relationship for either their immigration application or to supplement their appeal. Our entire process for DNA testing is straightforward and coordinated by the DDC immigration team.

We have extensive experience in DNA test for Thailand immigration matters – including collections in countries such as China, Dubai, U.S, UK, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia and many more. We make all the arrangements for sample collection from anywhere and witnessing, transport and Embassy liaison worldwide.

DDC has various sample collection centers globally and can organize and confirm a collection appointment from anywhere and convenient to customer. DNA samples are collected by a medical professional using a pain-free buccal swab. The swab is brushed against the inside of the cheek collecting cheek cells that contain DNA required for analysis. Once all swabs have been collected, identification confirmed and documentation completed all are dispatched to our testing laboratory.

DDC has collection centers in Thailand that fulfill stringent procedures regarding DNA sample collections and are in continuous contact with our specialist immigration teams regarding your case. We have collection centers in Bangkok and Chaing Mai.

DDC is the consumer’s choice for quality and accredited Immigration DNA tests for Thailand. We deliver accredited affordable and fast DNA testing results.

Contact DDC experts at: +91 8010177771 for specialist advice on DNA immigration testing. You can also WhatsApp us at +91 9213177771. Our immigration consultants will be able to advise you on all the necessary steps in your case and will assist you at every step of DNA testing.

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DNA Test for Thailand Immigration