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DNA Test for USA Immigration

Thousands of men and women apply for USA visas for different purposes every year. One of the most common purposes is to reunite with a family member or permanently settle with them in the United States of America. The immigration agencies/consulates of the United States of America scrutinize every immigration application critically. Having a DNA Tests for USA Immigration is one such requirement. Immigration DNA Tests help establish the genetic relationship between the petitioner (sponsor) and the beneficiary (the applicant) of the immigration. Many people face visa refusals solely due to a lack of relationship proof while applying. At DDC Laboratories India, we provide an AABB accredited DNA Test for USA Immigration at affordable prices.

A DNA Tests for USA Immigration can be done in different configurations, based on the petitioner-beneficiary relationship, like paternity, maternity, sibling-ship, etc.

At DDC Laboratories India, we have helped numerous people in their immigration cases. Our testing lab is AABB-accredited and recognized by various embassies around the world. With years of experience, and unmatched & excellent track record, and thousands of satisfied customers, we are the most preferred company for accredited immigration DNA Tests in India, including a DNA Test for USA immigration.

DNA testing is the most widely used technology to determine blood relationships. We identify participants with documents and collect samples in such DNA tests, following which we process the samples under a strict chain of custody in our accredited testing lab. Usually, we collect samples through buccal swabs rubbed inside the mouth and then left to dry before packing. Then, the collected samples are sent to the testing laboratory, and results are released within 3-5 working days.

For people being tested outside of India, the sample collection is arranged through the nearest US embassy or consulate, and the kit will be sent directly from the lab to the client.

For more information or to book a DNA Test for USA Immigration, contact our customer service representatives at +91 9891167771.

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