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DNA Test for USA Immigration

During the US immigration visa application process, a DNA test may be required to prove a biological relationship. Such proof may be sought when one seeks citizenship because other immediate family members who have already been granted US citizenship. Generally, a DNA test is requested as a last resort if no other documentation is acceptable, such as a birth certificate and so, an immigration DNA test is used to prove paternity, maternity, sibling-ship and many other relationships.

DDC Laboratories have successfully helped people from various countries with their immigration and citizenship processes. Our testing lab is AABB-accredited and recognized /recommended by various Embassies and consultants. We are familiar with different processes followed by different countries and are experienced in working directly with embassies to facilitate DNA sample collections and testing process.

DNA testing is the most widely used technology to determine blood relationships. In Such DNA tests, we identify participants with documents and collect samples and processed under a strict “chain of custody” in our accredited testing lab. Usually we collect samples by means of buccal swabs rubbed inside the mouth and then left to dry in order to collect samples. The collected samples are sent to the testing laboratory and results are provided within 3-5 working days.

For people being tested outside of the India, collection is normally arranged through the nearest United Kingdom embassy or consulate and the kit will be sent directly from the lab to the client.

Every case is handled by our immigration department and experts. For more information on immigration DNA testing for USA, please contact us at: +91 9891167771.

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DNA Test for USA Immigration