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Immigration DNA Tests in Azadpur, New Delhi

If you are looking for Immigration DNA Testing Services in India, we can be the best option for you. At DDC Laboratories India, we have been successfully providing peace of mind and other DNA tests across India. In India, we are the only company providing accredited Immigration DNA tests. If you are living in the Azadpur area of New Delhi, you can get accredited Immigration DNA Tests in Azadpur. Those of you who aren’t aware of why getting an Immigration DNA Test is critical or why DDC Laboratories India is the best for Immigration DNA Tests in Azadpur, stay with us. We will be guiding you through various aspects and procedures of getting an Immigration DNA Test.

Significance of DNA Testing For Immigration

DNA testing plays a vital role in the success of an Immigration and is often mandatory. In many cases, the immigration officer may suspect or do not find a proof of biological relationship between the parties involved in the immigration; he/she may order an Immigration DNA Test.

According to the immigration laws, a person living in a foreign country can sponsor a person’s immigration only if he/she is a biological relative.

Sample collection for Immigration DNA Tests

In immigration, there are essentially two parties. The first one is the beneficiary or the applicant of the immigrant visa, and the second is the petitioner. The petitioner is the one who sponsors the immigration.

If both parties are in India, their samples are collected at our collection centers in India with a proper chain of custody. The sample collection for Immigration DNA Tests in Azadpur takes place at our Delhi center.

If one of the parties is in the destination (foreign) country, their sample is collected in that country. The case reference number for the Indian party’s sample collection is shared with the person in the other country. There, he/she gets their DNA sample collected by qualified personnel.

After both samples arrive at our testing lab, we will carry out the DNA test and release the report in 8-10 working days.

Immigration DNA Tests in Azadpur for different Countries

We are known for accredited Immigration DNA Test in Azadpur and India, for the following countries:

We are also providing embassy-approved Immigration DNA Tests in Azadpur for Canada, UAE, Thailand, Germany, and various other countries.

What makes Us best for Immigration DNA Tests in Azadpur and India?

At DDC Laboratories India, we provide accurate, reliable, and affordable Immigration DNA tests in Azadpur and across India to meet our clients’ requirements.

Our test reports are admissible by almost all countries’ embassies, making us your first choice if you are looking to get the best Immigration DNA Test in Azadpur, New Delhi.

We have several DNA immigration tests available, including Paternity DNA Test, Maternity DNA Test, Sibling DNA Test, Kinship DNA Tests, and many more. You can also avail of our DNA Testing Services in other parts of Delhi. We are providing accurate and reliable DNA Tests in New Delhi for relationship confirmation, identification profiling, ancestry, and Cell Line Authentication.

We have more than 250 collection centers in India and abroad. We can arrange your sample collection in your preferred location in India and in the countries.

If you want to know more about Immigration DNA Tests in Azadpur, New Delhi, call us at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp at +91 9213177771. We will be happy to help you with your queries.

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Immigration DNA Tests in Azadpur Delhi

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