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Immigration DNA Tests in Bengaluru, Karnataka

As the capital city of Karnataka state, Bengaluru holds the prestigious title of the ‘Silicon Valley’ of India for its prominent status as a major IT hub. Amidst the myriad of products and services offered in this bustling city, specialized DNA testing services have emerged as a popular demand. Notably, Immigration DNA Tests have garnered significant attention for their reliable & credible approach to establishing biological identity. Recognizing the growing demand, we have expanded our services to provide accredited Immigration DNA tests in Bengaluru. Whether you require DNA testing for relationship verification, immigration purposes, or any other need, we stand as your ideal choice.

Significance of Accreditation for an Immigration DNA Test

The importance of accreditation cannot be overstated when it comes to Immigration DNA Tests in Bengaluru or any other location. Accredited laboratories maintain stringent quality control protocols, guaranteeing precise and dependable test results. For individuals seeking immigration-related DNA testing, opting for accredited facilities is crucial to ensure their results are legally acknowledged and accepted by immigration authorities without any doubts or challenges.

Which Relations Can Be Tested?

Our immigration DNA tests in Bengaluru cover a range of relationships, including:

In situations where immediate parents are unavailable or deceased, a Grandparentage DNA test can be conducted to provide the necessary relationship proof for immigration purposes.

Sample Collection Process

For first-time applicants, we recommend that you take the DNA test beforehand and attach the report with your primary documents. Here is how the process works.

The sample collection process for immigration DNA testing involves two parties, one residing in India (Bengaluru) and the other abroad. The Indian party undergoes sample collection in Bengaluru, while the overseas party submits their sample at an authorized collection center using the shared case number. Once both samples are received at our facility, the analysis begins, and the reports are released to the respective immigration authorities. Furthermore, it is possible to request printouts of DNA test reports for personal records, which will be sent by courier.

Legal Acceptance and Compliance

Accredited Immigration DNA Tests in Bengaluru comply with international standards and are recognized by immigration authorities worldwide. These tests provide solid proof of biological relationships, facilitating a smoother immigration process for applicants.

Similarly, individuals seeking Canadian immigration have to get a CIC-accredited Immigration DNA Test in Bangalore.

Why Choose DDC Laboratories India for Immigration DNA Tests in Bengaluru?

DDC Laboratories India stands as one of the exclusive DNA testing labs, providing a comprehensive range of tests, including Immigration DNA Tests in Bengaluru. With extensive experience in the DNA diagnostics field, we have been serving the Indian public for numerous years.

Our dedicated team comprises highly skilled professionals with significant expertise, collaborating with immigration agencies, embassies, and petitioners, worldwide. We have a seamless system for collecting DNA samples globally, ensuring our services are accessible to clients in various countries.

Concerned about costs, accuracy, and reliability of Immigration DNA Tests in Bengaluru? Rest assured; we have you covered. In addition to serving Bengaluru, you can get our DNA Tests in Malleswaram, Whitefield, and other areas.

For any queries or information, feel free to contact us at +91 8010177771 or message us on WhatsApp at +91 9213177771.

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