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Immigration DNA Tests in Pune, Maharashtra

Pune is the eighth largest metropolises in India and is located in Maharashtra. This city is the second-largest in the state and is developing rapidly in terms of economics and industry. So, are you considering doing DNA testing for immigration purposes in Pune? Immigration DNA tests have made what was once a long and arduous process much simpler. For example, family members had to search for birth certificates or other records to confirm biological relationships. Sometimes, these documents were nowhere to be found, causing stress! However, a few painless cheek swabs may now be enough to reunite families – a wonderful application of DNA technology. Depending on the relationship with the sponsor, you can get an Immigration DNA Tests in Pune.

Process of Immigration DNA Testing

The first step is sample collection. If both parties are in India, their DNA samples are collected at nearby sample collection centers. To collect the samples under a proper chain of custody, the parties need to submit a photocopy of their government-issued photo identification proofs and the original for reference, as well as two passport-sized colored photographs.

If the sponsor resides in the destination country, the respective lab will arrange their sample collection there. Initially, the Indian party’s sample is collected, and the case number is shared with the sponsor living abroad. Then, using the same case number, the sponsor gets his/her sample collected there.

The sample collection is usually done with a Chain of Custody. It means that the person to be tested has to visit the embassy in their respective country & give their DNA sample under the supervision of the immigration officer.

Usually, the swabbing method is used to collect the DNA samples. Buccal swabs of sterile cotton buds are rubbed against the cheek walls from inside the mouth. The method is painless and yields accurate results. Both samples are tested upon arrival at the testing facility, and the report is released. If the two DNA profiles match, the applicant is informed to continue the process.

Types of Immigration DNA Tests in Pune

The Immigration DNA Test in Pune can be done in different configurations based on the relationship involved:

Furthermore, for US immigration cases, we collaborate with our trusted partner, DNA Diagnostics Center, to provide AABB-accredited Immigration DNA tests:

DDC Laboratories India – For Accurate Immigration DNA Tests in Pune

DDC Laboratories India has been successfully providing accredited Immigration DNA tests in Pune & also for various countries. Our testing lab is accredited by –

The following are some key features that make us desirable for accredited Immigration DNA Tests in Pune:

We also provide DNA Tests in Mumbai and Santacruz areas for relationship identification, immigration, and various other purposes. For further queries about Immigration DNA tests in Pune, call us at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp at +91 9213177771 to schedule an appointment.

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