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Immigration DNA Tests in Thane, Maharashtra

Thane is one of the industrially advanced districts in Maharashtra. If you are looking for Immigration DNA Tests in Thane, DDC Laboratories India is the best option for you. We offer accurate, reliable, and accredited Immigration DNA Tests for many countries at affordable prices. Immigration DNA Testing is necessary to establish relationships for immigration purposes and is the most accurate way to determine a biological relationship between the petitioner (sponsor) and beneficiary (applicant).
An accredited Immigration DNA Tests in Thane can be done for the following configurations

Traditionally, a birth certificate was enough to prove the relationship between the petitioner and beneficiary. But, the increased case of forged documentaries and the recent changes in the law have made DNA testing a requirement in many countries to prove the biological relationships of the involved parties.

How DNA Sample is collected for Immigration DNA Tests?

Buccal swabs are used to collect the cells from the oral cavity (mouth). It has a sterile cotton tip that is rubbed against the inside of the cheeks. The buccal swab is the preferred sampling method because it is easy to use, transport, and carry. Moreover, the swab has a longer shelf life and can be stored for up to two weeks.

Steps Involved in Immigration DNA Tests

For the Petitioner (Sponsor)

The petitioner can locate our accredited DNA Testing lab to give samples in their respective countries. However, various accreditations are required for the lab to offer Immigration DNA Testing. Our testing lab is accredited by

For the Beneficiary (Applicant)

Once the petitioner initiates the sample collection process, the embassy/consulate contacts the applicant and provides an appointment for the applicant’s DNA sample collection in the presence of an immigration officer.

Therein, the lab sends the test reports directly to the embassy. After reviewing the reports, the embassy contacts the visa applicant to follow up on the application. If the petitioner or beneficiary needs a copy of the test report, they can contact the lab/company.

DDC Laboratories India – For Accredited Immigration DNA Tests in Thane

At DDC Laboratories India, you get an authentic, accurate, and reliable Immigration DNA Tests in Thane. We hold an excellent track record in successfully providing accredited immigration DNA testing services in India for many years. The following are some key features that make us one of the best for Accredited Immigration DNA Tests in Thane, Maharashtra:

A high percentage of visa applications get rejected due to inadequate paperwork, so Immigration DNA tests are essential. DNA Immigration tests can not only save you from refusals but can add weight to your application if enclosed with the primary document. Therefore, to ensure success in the first attempt, we highly recommend getting a DNA test before applying for the immigration process.

If you are concerned about the procedure, cost, accuracy, and reliability of getting an Immigration DNA Tests in Thane, Maharashtra, we have got you covered. For further queries, call us today at: +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp: +91 9213177771.

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