Why DNA test is required for Immigration Process?

In Immigration Process, DNA Tests is required? Why?

A DNA test is an essential step in the immigration process to prove a biological relationship. DDC Laboratories India provides an accurate and reliable immigration DNA test result which is validated worldwide by all immigration agencies such as Immigration agencies of the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Portugal, Spain, and Dubai.

We provide specialized and recognized immigration DNA testing services in India and abroad as well as have worked with various immigration agencies, embassies, petitioners and beneficiaries. Our testing laboratory is accredited by the Ministry of Justice (U.K), the Standards Council of Canada, the National Association of Test Authorities of Australia (NATA) and the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

When to do DNA Testing

When a person applies to move to a foreign country to join family members, they must be able to provide proof of a biological relationship between an applicant and a foreign citizen to meet the requirements of the embassies and international borders agencies. DNA tests make it possible to determine with absolute precision whether or not there is a biological relationship between two people.

Sometime immigration agencies refuse visa applications due to insufficient number of documents or Immigration officer may ask petitioners to submit an immigration DNA test to prove biological relationship, at that time you can use our AABB accredited Immigration DNA tests results and it can increase the chances of getting having dependent visa.

Several DNA Tests can be performed to prove different types of Biological Relationships, including:

  • Paternity DNA test to establish a father-child relationship
  • Maternity DNA test to establish a relationship between a mother and a child
  • Sibling DNA test to establish a relationship between two siblings
  • Aunt/uncle DNA test to establish a relationship between an aunt or uncle and their nephew niece
  • Extended family test to determine how many distant relatives are biologically related, such as grandparents DNA test

Previously, a birth certificate was enough to establish a blood relation between the sponsor and dependent. However, due to a recent change in the law a DNA test is must at many places to prove the biological relationship between the parties.

Who should provide DNA Samples?

To establish a parent-child relationship, DNA Samples from both parents and the child or children are taken.

For citizenship purposes, it is necessary to establish biological relationship with a foreign citizen parent to get independent visa. However, it is best to take genetic material samples from both parents as this facilitates the testing process.

How is DNA Sample collected?

When applying for a DNA test for immigration, visa, or passport applications, DDC Laboratories India maintain a strict chain of custody and our expert collect the DNA samples from the participants with a buccal mouth swab. Once we have collected the DNA samples, our testing lab begins to analyze each DNA sample. Therefore, a home DNA test will not suffice, as the samples can be tampered.

We collect samples for immigration DNA tests in two ways

  • Tested people living in India: If the test participants are based in India, they will have to provide us with the contact details of their country. Our executives arrange an appointment with the client, collect the sample and send it to the laboratory for testing. We follow all the lab guidelines, procedures and provide the Immigration DNA tests results in accordance of AABB accreditation.

At the time of collection of the sample, applicants must provide two recent photographs, submit documents establishing their identity, sign a release and complete the consent form.

  • Test persons living in a Foreign Country: If the test participants reside in a foreign country, the collection of DNA samples for an immigration DNA test will take place at the nearest embassy or authorized collection center. Depending on the location of the people, we send kits using a courier service. Our partners in worldwide countries maintain the chain-of-custody and in accordance of various accreditations: Ministry of Justice (U.K), the Standards Council of Canada, the National Association of Test Authorities of Australia (NATA) and the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and provide you accredited DNA test results for Immigration application.

Receiving the Test Results

Once the analysis is complete, our accredited laboratory sends the results directly to you in 8-10 business days.

DDC Laboratories India provides AABB Accredited Immigration DNA testing services worldwide. Please get in touch for more information on how Immigration DNA Tests can be helpful, contact us our customer representatives at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp: +91 9213177771 and fix your appointment.

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In Immigration Process, DNA Tests is required?

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