Which DNA Tests are helpful in Immigration and How?

Which DNA Tests are Helpful in Immigration and How?

DNA tests are a real solution that can prove the blood relationship between you and your relatives. Some people do not even have a valid birth certificate or other documents from their home country and so a DNA test is consider the best way to go through the immigration process and bring loved ones together.

DNA testing is now used regularly to assess and determine immigration applications, whether it is a move to be close to the family, a work visa application or a green card.

Several DNA tests are helpful in Immigration application to prove different types of biological relationships, including:

  1. Paternity DNA test: Paternity DNA Test helps in establishing a relationship between a father and child. In the past, a birth certificate was sufficient to establish paternity between a father and a child; however, according to recent law DNA tests play an important role and are required to take a DNA test to prove a biological relationship.
  1. Maternity DNA test: Maternity testing to establish a relationship between a mother and a child. In many cases a Maternity DNA test is used to provide biological evidence to the authorities that those being tested are indeed related.

Our Maternity DNA Tests are designed for immigration cases, providing 100% accurate results that are accredited for use in the various court systems.

  1. Sibling-ship DNA tests: Sibling-ship DNA test determines genetically whether the siblings (brother and sister) are biologically related to each other or not and verify if they are full siblings, half-siblings or not siblings at all.

Sibling-ship DNA tests are designed to meet the requirements of an immigration file and are frequently performed to provide evidence of biological relationship for immigration applications. In rare cases, such as those children who have been abandoned for adoption, a sibling test is performed to identify whether another individual has the same biological mother or not.

  1. Aunt/Uncle testing to establish a relationship between an aunt or uncle and their niece of nephew.
  1. Extended family testing to establish how many distant relatives is biologically related, such as Grandparent testing.

DNA testing for immigration purposes can be an extremely important tool. DDC Laboratories India provides accurate, reliable immigration DNA test results and is validated worldwide by all immigration agencies such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Portugal, Spain, Dubai, and many others.

We provide specialized and recognized Immigration DNA Testing Services in India and have worked with immigration agencies, embassies, petitioners and beneficiaries. Our testing laboratory is Ministry of Justice, Standards Council of Canada, National Association of Testing Authorities of Australia (NATA) and American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) accredited.

Overall, DNA tests for immigration cases are important and in some cases unavoidable. If you are unsure of what DNA test you need to undertake for immigration applications please contact us on +91 7042446667 or whatsapp us at: +91 9891167771 and one of our highly trained immigration experts will be happy to help you.

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