Guidelines and Procedure for Immigration DNA Tests

DNA testing has become the gold standard for immigration cases and indisputably proves a blood relationship like paternity, maternity, full or half siblings and many more. A DNA test is the only method that can be used to prove a biological relationship if you do not have documents, or if the documents you provide are not accepted or not sufficient.

Some Guidelines and Procedure should be kept in mind before going for Immigration DNA Tests:

  • Accredited testing lab: As one of the largest DNA testing lab in the country, DDC Laboratories maintains the highest levels of accreditation. Our testing lab is AABB, Home office, CLIA, and Ministry of justice certified.
  • Follow Chain-of-custody: An immigration petitioner must purchase an immigration DNA test kit from the authorized company and the sample collection procedure should be taken into consideration by an authorized representative and should maintain chain-of-custody. The professional also handle paperwork, verify IDs of participants and witness the sample collection.
  • Sample collection procedure: DDC Laboratories India easily obtain samples from the inside of cheek with a sterile cotton swab (oral swab). In accordance with this requirement, we ships sealed sample collection kits to maintain the chain of custody of the immigration DNA tests. Our DNA sample collection kit is easy to use and contain specific and detailed instructions, which make the task of the DNA collector easier. The collector uses the kits, signs all related documentation and returns the samples to the testing lab for further processing.
  • Results: We share results and case information only with authorized individuals and the results we issue are legally admissible and may be used as proof of relationship. For the protection of the tested results, we never broadcast the results of DNA tests by phone call. All DNA samples and DNA profiles are retained for as long as required by our authorization guidelines, but are destroyed once the requirements are met.

Our dedicated immigration customer service representatives are committed to serving the needs of our customers and provide dedicated 24 x 7 supports for DNA testing to our customers. We have successfully done Immigration DNA Tests for different countries including U.K, U.S, Canada, Poland, Australia, Dubai, South Africa, New Zealand and many more. Our immigration service representatives are particularly adept at working closely with embassies, DHS, USCIS, resettlement programs and agencies working with refugees, as well as with lawyers and petitioners from worldwide.

You just have to make an appointment to collect your samples. We will handle everything else! To get your Immigration DNA testing process started or to answer any questions you may call our helpline no: +91 8010177771 or whatsapp at +91 9213177771 and one of our customer representative will be glad to guide you through the process.

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Guidelines and Procedure for Immigration DNA Tests

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