Immigration DNA Tests: What to Know Before You Begin?

Immigration DNA Tests: What to Know Before You Begin?

Immigration DNA testing has greatly simplified what was once a long and arduous process. In order to confirm a biological relationship, family members had to look for birth certificates or other documents, and these documents are sometimes not available, which cause a lot of stress!

In truth, immigration DNA tests involve a simple process and are implemented smoothly. Being more informed about the process can calm some nerves. To help those who are concerned about the Immigration DNA tests, here are useful things to consider before you begin:

  • DNA Tests Establish Proof of RelationshipsIn family-based immigration proceedings, petitioners must prove that they are legitimately linked to a claimed parent. In the absence of documentary evidence, a DNA test can be used to establish a blood relationship. Providing parent / child relationships are quite common, but the DNA test can also determine other kinship relationships.
  • DNA Test Proves Blood Relationship ConclusivelyImmigration officers only accept a test that provides results showing 99% certainty or more. If the test reveals such a high figure, the results conclusively prove a relationship. All DNA samples and submission of samples to the laboratory must be supervised by an authorized witness. In other words, you cannot do DNA testing at home and expect results to be accepted as legal proof of blood relationship- these types of results will not be accepted.
  • Blood Tests Aren’t RequiredThe immigration DNA test is carried out through a buccal swab sample of the applicant rather than a blood sample as it is painless, non-invasive, and easier to collect and ship. When buccal swabs are taken, cells are collected from the inside mouth or cheek using a long cotton swab. The accuracy of an Immigration DNA test result conducted through a cheek swab sample is equivalent to the result received from a blood sample.
  • DNA Testing Can Only Be RequestedDNA testing provides a means of establishing a relationship when no other method exists. Under the law, an immigration officer and the embassy that determines if it’s necessary may suggest DNA testing to prove a blood relationship for immigration purposes.
  • Procure a Test from an Accredited LabYou must be sure you acquire accurate results and rely on the professionalism and skill of the people working at the testing lab from where you are having a DNA tests. At DDC Laboratories India, our testing laboratory is AABB, NATA, Ministry of justice, CLIA accredited and the testing we conduct exactly meets the requirements of the Immigration Departments and Embassies.

If you are considering becoming an applicant or recipient of immigration analysis and facing any kind of questions related to Immigration DNA Tests just call us at: +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp: +91 9213177771 and customer representatives will help you out.

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