Immigration DNA Tests in New Delhi

Accredited Immigration DNA Tests in New Delhi for the USA, UK & Other Countries

DNA testing technologies have advanced to a really impressive level. Thanks to the tireless work of academics, scientists, and the tech sector, getting a DNA test is now easier than ever. Today, you can now get a DNA test in the morning and get your report in the evening. However, reporting times may vary depending on the type of test opted for. From establishing biological relationships to authenticating the identity of cell lines for research, DNA testing has it all covered. One of the most valuable applications of DNA testing is confirming the sponsor-to-applicant relationship for immigration. If you are from Delhi or any other part of India, you can get Immigration DNA Tests in New Delhi for different countries. But what purpose does it actually serve? How can taking or not taking an immigration DNA test affect your immigration? And where can you get Accredited Immigration DNA Tests in New Delhi?

For an answer to these questions, let me take you to the next sections of this blog.

Why is Immigration DNA Testing Important?

Have you ever heard of a case in your neighborhood or a relative failing to get his or her immigrant visa? If yes, he or she was probably unable to prove their biological relationship with their sponsors.

Immigration laws of different countries are strict, allowing only biologically related individuals or family members to immigrate. When the primary documents fail to prove the biological relationship between the petitioner and the beneficiary, the application may get rejected.

In immigration terms, the sponsor, who is a citizen of the destination country is called the petitioner. The applicant, who is a dependent upon the sponsor is called the beneficiary. The visa rejection is what we generally call a ‘visa refusal.’

To avoid this refusal and the unwanted expenditure of time and money, it is recommended that you get an Immigration DNA test beforehand. We provide Immigration DNA tests in New Delhi for different countries. When you attach your DNA test report along with your primary application documents, the chances of your visa approval increase.

Even if your case is strong and all the mandatory documents are already attached in your application file, you should get an immigration test. This is critical as immigration officers can refuse your application even if you have the tiniest doubts. This can critically delay your emigration.

Here’s the list of different relationships for which you can get an Immigration DNA test in New Delhi.

DNA Tests for Immigration in New Delhi


Configurations of Immigration DNA Tests in New Delhi

You can get an Immigration DNA test in New Delhi in different configurations depending upon your relation with your sponsor.

  • Paternity DNA testing – Father-to-child relationship confirmation for immigration
  • Maternity DNA testing – Mother-to-child relationship confirmation
  • Siblingship DNA testing – For people intending to settle with their brothers and sisters in a foreign country
  • Grandparentage DNA testing – When immigration is taking place between grandparents and grandchildren
  • Kinship testing – When close relatives, other than immediate parents and children, are involved in immigration, then kinship DNA testing is done for immigration. For example, a siblingship test for brothers and sisters and an avuncular DNA test for uncle or aunt and niece and nephew.

If you also want to get an Immigration DNA test in New Delhi but are not sure which configuration of the test you want, you can contact us using the numbers provided at the end of this blog. But let’s first understand the different types of accreditations required for an immigration DNA test.

Accredited Immigration DNA Tests in New Delhi & Why Accreditations Are Critical

If you have been trying to apply for US or UK visa or a visa for certain countries, you might have heard about an accredited immigration DNA testing. But what it is and why is it so critical for immigration cases.
Accreditations are critical as they ensure the test report’s accuracy, reliability, and integrity of the immigration DNA testing process. A DNA testing lab or company that is accredited by these accreditations, always stick to and follow stringent quality standards. This further ensures that immigration DNA test results are scientifically valid and legally defensible.

Different types of accreditations that ensure authentic, accurate, and reliable immigration testing are:

  • AABB – The Association for the Advancement of Blood and Biotherapies is an agency that ensures the standardization and authenticity of your US Immigration DNA Test report.
  • NATA – National Association of Testing Authorities, an agency that looks after the best practices for Australian immigration DNA testing worldwide.
  • MOJ – Ministry of Justice, United Kingdom. It ensures quality and standards for the United Kingdom immigration DNA Tests in New Delhi and the world.
  • CIC – Citizenship & Immigration, Canada

Why Choose DDC Laboratories India for Immigration DNA Tests in New Delhi?

At DDC Laboratories India, we are providing accredited Immigration DNA Tests in New Delhi. We are providing these tests through our global, accredited immigration DNA testing partners – DNA Diagnostics Center.

We are providing accredited Immigration DNA Tests in New Delhi for United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Besides these, you can also get DNA Tests  for immigration in New Delhi for countries like Germany, UAE, Nigeria, Thailand, and more.

To book your accredited Immigration DNA Test in New Delhi, ring us at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp at +91 9213177771.

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