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Getting a DNA Test in Bahadurgarh for Immigration & Other Purposes

Bahadurgarh is one of the bustling cities of Haryana. It is renowned for its growing economy, thanks to it’s high-paced industrial growth. Now, this city also offers accurate and useful DNA testing services for different purposes. DNA lays the foundation for our biological identification and also helps establish our biological relationship with our blood relatives. This facilitates different types of DNA tests like paternity, maternity, siblingship, kinship, and avuncular DNA tests. You can get these tests to establish your biological relationship with an alleged relative. Moreover, you can also get DNA tests in Bahadurgarh for immigration in case you want to migrate to a foreign country. Immigration DNA testing helps a person confirm his/her biological relationship with relatives who are residents of the destination country.

You can also get Ancestry DNA Tests in Bahadurgarh. It helps you delve into your ancestral past and know about your long-gone forefathers. You can also get a Cell Line Authentication DNA Test in Bahadurgarh. It is vital for students pursuing genetic studies and pharmaceutical companies engaged in drug and vaccine development, among others. Let us dive deep into various types of available DNA tests.

Where to Get Immigration DNA Test in Bahadurgarh

Types of DNA Tests in Bahadurgarh

Depending upon your specific need, you can get the following types of DNA tests.

  1. POM Relationship DNA Test: As the name suggests, a Peace of Mind (POM) Relationship DNA Test is done to confirm your biological relationship. These are the available POM Relationship DNA Tests in Bahadurgarh:
    • Paternity DNA Test: This type of paternity testing is also called Motherless Paternity testing, as in this test, only the child’s and alleged father’s DNA samples are tested.
    • Maternity DNA Test: This test is done to confirm the biological relationship between a child and the alleged mother.
    • Paternity Trio DNA Test: This type of paternity testing is done with the child’s and the alleged father’s & mother’s DNA samples.
    • Prenatal Paternity DNA Test (No Sex Determination): A prenatal paternity test is done to find out the paternity of an unborn child, that is, when the mother is still pregnant. Unlike the older techniques, like amniocentesis and chorionic villous sampling, the modern-day non-invasive Prenatal Paternity DNA Tests are safe. We offer the most accurate and safe Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity DNA Test in Bahadurgarh for your complete peace of mind.
    • Siblingship DNA Test: Siblingship DNA testing is done to confirm the biological relationship between two alleged brothers and sisters. This test can be done to establish if two siblings are full or half siblings.
    • Grandparentage DNA Test: Granparentage DNA test analyzes the grandparents’ and grandchildrens’ DNAs to establish their biological relationship. In many cases, this test is done as an alternative to paternity testing when the immediate parents are unavailable, missing or deceased, or are unwilling to participate.
    • Avuncular DNA Test: Avuncular DNA test is used to establish the genetic relationship between uncles/aunt and nephews/nieces.
  2. Ancestry DNA Test: DNA Ancestry tests in Bahadurgarh can be availed in different configurations, namely:
    • Paternal Lineage DNA Ancestry Test: To check the male ancestral line by testing the Y-DNA of a male member in the family.
    • Maternal Lineage DNA Ancestry Test: To trace the female ancestral line by testing mtDNA from either the male of the female child.
    • GPS Origins DNA Test: One of the most-advanced Ancestry DNA Tests that you can get. It traces your ancestor’s origin to a thousand years in the past. This test also suggests the last three major migrations of your ancestors.
  3. Cell Line Authentication DNA Test in Bahadurgarh: This test helps identify three types of errors in the cell lines of interest, that is, the cell lines that are being studied. These errors include:
    • Misidentification: Misidentification in the cell line at the source of collection.
    • Cross-Contamination: Contamination in the cell line of interest with other cell lines.
    • Genetic Drift: Complete change of identity of the cell line of interest, due to the influence of environmental contaminants and other factors.
  4. Immigration DNA Test: DNA test in Bahadurgarh for Immigration has become one of the highly demanded DNA testing services in the area. It is done to establish the biological relationship between the petitioner (sponsor) and the beneficiary (applicant) for successful emigration.

Why DDC Laboratories India for a DNA Test in Bahadurgarh?

DDC Laboratories India provides different Peace of Mind Relationship DNA tests in Bahadurgarh with accurate and reliable reports. Their DNA tests are competitively priced, making them available to everyone.

Moreover, they are the only company that provides Accredited Immigration DNA Tests in India. They provide these tests through their accredited Immigration DNA testing partner, DNA Diagnostics Center. At DDC Laboratories India, you can get:

AABB-Accredited Immigration DNA Tests for the United States
NATA-Accredited Immigration DNA Tests for Australia
CIC-Accredited Immigration DNA Tests for Canada
MOJ-Accredited Immigration DNA Tests for the United Kingdom

To learn more about our services or to book any of these DNA Tests in Bahadurgarh, call us at +91 8010177771. You can also drop us your query or request at our WhatsApp number: +91 9213177771.

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