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Getting an Immigration DNA Test in Ghaziabad – All You Need to Know!

DNA testing plays a crucial role in the verification of biological relationships for peace of mind, legal, and visa & citizenship applications. Such cases are often required to prove family ties, ensuring that immigration claims are legitimate and supported by scientific evidence. These tests provide accurate & reliable results, which are recognized by immigration authorities worldwide. Immigration DNA tests hold a significant position in the whole process. In cases of a visa refusal, DNA testing becomes the only way of proving your relationship with your sponsor. However, to avoid refusals, we recommend you get an Immigration Test beforehand and apply for the visa along with the test report. If you are a resident of Haryana, you can get an Immigration DNA Test in Ghaziabad with an accurate and reliable report. Stay with us to learn about the process and other aspects of getting a DNA Test in Ghaziabad for immigration and other purposes.

More About Immigration DNA Tests in Ghaziabad – The Parties Involved

In an immigration case, the following parties are involved, having their unique roles:

  • Petitioner: This is the individual who files the immigration application, often referred to as the sponsor. In scientific terms, the petitioner may be labeled as the “alleged biological relative” whose DNA sample will be compared to the beneficiary’s.
  • Beneficiary: This is the person whose immigration status is being sought, commonly referred to as the applicant. Scientifically, the beneficiary is also known as the “tested party” or “alleged biological child/sibling/parent,” depending on the claimed relationship.
  • DNA Testing Laboratory/Company: An accredited testing facility that performs the DNA testing. These labs/companies may require accreditations from different immigration agencies like the AABB, MOJ, NATA, etc. They require these accreditations to do an Immigration DNA Test in Ghaziabad for the USA, the U.K., and Australia respectively. The lab/testing facility is responsible for the DNA analysis, that is, the genetic profiling of the petitioner and the beneficiary.
  • Consulate/Embassy: The diplomatic office that oversees the immigration process. They are responsible for “case processing” and ensuring that DNA samples are collected under strict chain-of-custody protocols to maintain the test’s and the report’s integrity.
  • DNA Collector: A certified professional who collects DNA samples from the petitioner and beneficiary. This person is commonly known as the “sample collector” who represents the DNA testing lab opted for immigration DNA testing. He/she uses “buccal swabs” to collect “cheek cells” for testing.
  • Immigration Authority: The government body that makes the final decision on the immigration case, such as USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) in the United States. They evaluate the DNA test results to confirm biological relationships as part of the “evidence submission” process.

Understanding these roles and terminologies can help you browse through the processes involved in getting an Immigration DNA Test in Ghaziabad. Ultimately, following the right process helps increase your visa approval chances in the first attempt.

DNA Test for Immigration in Ghaziabad

Sample Collection Process for an Immigration DNA Test in Ghaziabad

Case 1: Both Petitioner and Beneficiary in India

When both the petitioner and the beneficiary are in India, the process of sample collection is straightforward and coordinated efficiently. Here’s how:

  • Scheduling Appointments: Both parties contact the accredited DNA testing laboratory in Ghaziabad to schedule their sample collection appointments.
  • Verification of Identity: Upon arrival at the testing facility, both the petitioner and the beneficiary are required to present valid identification documents such as passports and Aadhaar cards. This step ensures that the samples collected are indeed from the correct individuals.
  • Sample Collection: A certified DNA collector performs the sample collection using buccal swabs. This involves rubbing a sterile cotton swab on the inside of the cheek walls to collect DNA-containing cells. This non-invasive procedure is quick and painless.
  • Chain of Custody: The DNA samples are sealed in tamper-proof envelopes and documented meticulously to maintain the chain of custody. This ensures that the samples have not been tampered with and that they can be traced back to the correct individuals. The collector duly signs the form wherever required.
  • Shipping to Lab/Testing Facility: The samples are then brought by the collector to the testing facility of the DNA testing company. If the sample collection is taking place at one of the local collection centers, the samples are sent to the facility via courier.

Once the samples reach the facility, the experts start the DNA testing for immigration purposes.

Case 2: Beneficiary in India, Petitioner in Destination Country

When the beneficiary is in India, and the petitioner is in the destination country, the process involves coordination between two different locations. Here’s how it works:

  • After scheduling the appointment, the sample collector goes through standard practices, such as document verification for the Indian party. After that, the collector takes the sample of the Indian party and seals it in discrete packing. During this step, a unique case reference number is generated and shared with the petitioner living abroad.
  • Simultaneously, the petitioner undergoes a similar procedure at a laboratory in the destination country using the same case reference number of the Indian party. Their samples are then collected, sealed, and documented.
  • Then, both samples are sent to the central DNA testing facility, where both samples undergo DNA profiling to obtain their unique genetic profiles. These profiles are then compared to find a match. If the two profiles are matching, it indicates that the petitioner and the beneficiary are indeed genetically related.
  • After that, the beneficiary can continue the application process.

Why DDC Laboratories India for Immigration DNA Tests in Ghaziabad?

At DDC Laboratories India, we provide accredited Immigration DNA Tests in Ghaziabad and all over India. We provide these tests through our accredited immigration DNA testing partner – DNA Diagnostics Center.

Here, you get the following DNA tests for immigration to different countries, for example:

  • AABB-Accredited Immigration DNA Test for the United States
  • MOJ-Accredited Immigration DNA Test for the UK
  • NATA-Accredited Immigration DNA Test for Australia
  • CIC-Accredited Immigration DNA Test in Ghaziabad and India for Canada

We also provide DNA tests for Immigration in Ghaziabad for various other countries. You can call us at +91 8010177771 or WhatsApp us at +91 9213177771.

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